Prakash Yashwant Ambedkar (popularly known as Balasaheb Ambedkar) is the chief-leader as well as national president of theBharipa Bahujan Mahasangh (BBM) political party and a Bahujan political leader. He is the grandson of Bharat Ratna Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. He was a member of the 13th Lok Sabha of India. He has represented twice the (Lok Sabha constituency) Akola, Maharashtra, India. He has served in both houses of the Indian Parliament successfully. Being a mass leader he has an important place in the Indian Politics
As a Socio-political Leader of India
Prakash Yashwant Ambedkar was born on 10 May 1954 ( Mumbai, Maharashtra, India). His father’s name is Yashwant Bhimrao Ambedkar, and mother’s name is Miratai Yashwant Ambedkar.Prakash Ambedkar’s name Prakash is given to him by his late grandfather Late Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar known as an architect of modern Indian constitution. The literary meaning of the word Prakash in English is ‘Light’. He is constitutional expert, a well-known advocate and today recognised as a one of the main-stream leaders in Indian politics.
राष्ट्रीय नेते : प्रकाश यशवंत आंबेडकर  
Prakash Ambedkar was the student of St. Stanislains High School and Siddharth College, Mumbai India. He has led many movements of dalits, bahujanas, minorities, landless agricultural workers, nomadic and criminal tribes ,poor workers,oppressed people as well as students all over India since 1982.He is against privatization and commercialization of education and national sources of income . Adv. Prakash (Balasaheb) Ambedkar has re-vitalized the Ambedkar-movement and proved himself as a post-ambedkar leader of the Bahujanas.He advocates Nationalization of educational-system, agriculture, fundamental industries. He is a valiant fighter against caste-system and class-system. He is famous for his andolana (agitation) for the permission of publication of title “Riddles of Hinduism”. The agitation was successful and established Mr Prakash Ambedkar as a major figure in Indian Politics. He is known among political thinkers, well wishers, as well as his critics for his successful implementation of what is known as Akola Pattern.
Akola Pattern
Akola pattern is a successful political experiment in which it has been proved that suppressed or dalit-bahujans when united can have political power through mutual harmony and internal faith through democratic way. This revolutionary political-experiment was held in Akola district, Maharashtra (India) therefore it is called an Akola Pattern. This revolutionary, classic and legendary victory[peacock term] has its influences not only on Dalit-bahujan politics but also on main-stream Indian politics.
Political Propagandan
The complete name of Adv. Ambedkar’s party is Bharatia Republican Paksha – Bahujan Mahasangh (Indian Republican Party – Majority Grand Union) betterly known as Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh . Bharatia Republican Paksha is abbreviated BhaRiPa.The party was formed in 1999, through a split in the Republican Party of India which was established by Hon. Dadasaheb Gaikwad. Prakash Ambedkar is famous among Indians because of his Nationalistic, Secular, Socialistic, Optimistic and Humanistic views and values in his politics. He is known as a strong defender of Poona Pact and Caste-based Reservation. Prakash Ambedkar is also known for his political supervision and valuable knowledge of Indian Society. He wants all sects, classes should unite to mould our great nation. He believes in parliamentary democracy. His political propaganda believes in political doctrine that holds that all people should be treated as equals and have the same political, economic, social, and civil rights. He believes in human dignity, human self-esteem , human self-concept , and human self-respect. Indian people look him as a Political Heir to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Prakash Ambedkar’s Political Propaganda is strongly against political corruption. He is also known for his clean political career.
Political Manifesto
The manifesto of his political party ‘Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh (Indian Republican Party – Majority Grand Union) is ‘Bheek Nako Sattechi , Satta Havi Hakkachi’ , in English ‘We Want Power Not By Demanding Or By Begging But From The Legal Right To Have It’.
As an orator and a Socio-political writer
His famous works are :

  1. Ambedkari Chalval Sampli Ahe
  2. Arun Shoauri Ek Fraud
  3. Andheri Nagari Chaupat Raja
  4. Maharashtracha Uddyacha Mukhyamantri Varkari ani Varkarich
  5. Bahujan Chalawal
Positions Held
Adv. Ambedkar has held following positions,

1990-96 Nominated Member, Rajya Sabha from 18-9-1900 to 17-9-1996.
1992-96 Member, Committee on Rules
1993-96 Member, Committee on Communications
1990-96 Nominated Member, Rajya Sabha from 18-9-1900 to 17-9-1996.
1998 Elected to 12th Lok Sabha
1998-99 Member, Committee on Food, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution; Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Human Resource Development
1999 Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (2nd term);Leader, Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha
1999-2000 Member, Committee on Energy
2000 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways
He is the chief-editor of ‘Prabuddha Bharata’ .

He is also the chief-adviser of the Buddhist Society of India ,which is run by Hon. Miratai Yashwant Ambedkar (Prakash Ambedkar’s mother) .

Foreign Tour
Adv. Ambedkar has visited Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, U.K. and U.S.A. .
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